Why have teams? Why not let the priest or the Parish Council identify projects, call volunteers and do things that way? Well, when people work in teams, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Teams are much more effective than individual efforts. What one person does poorly another does well, and vice versa. Although they require greater patience and sometimes seem slower than individual effort, teams are incredibly satisfying. Interdependent relationships are much deeper and richer than simply independent ones. Teams are a necessity when it comes to the more complex ministry projects.

What must we do to have effective teams? In an effective team, each person thinks in terms of inputs, not outcomes. Instead of "what’s in it for me?" we think, "what do I add to this work?" That’s where the real satisfaction is found. Good teams come from good will and good ideas. Teams make good use of our varying personal strengths, trading back and forth on each other’s talents and abilities. Effective teams bring out new alternatives in either/or situations.