The purpose of the choir and chanters in the Orthodox Christian Church is to offer glory to God by leading the people, together with the priest, in chanting the hymns and prayers of divine worship. The services of the Orthodox Church are a liturgical dance or partnership between the clergy and the lay people. The people’s part is expressed by the use of the choir and chanters. The lay people in the nave of the church building are encouraged to sing along with all the common responses in the litanies and at the end of prayers. They also sing along with the ordinary hymns that are sung in unison or harmonized by the choir. The chanters and choir lead the people’s singing and also sing the more complicated or special hymns of a given service. Everyone’s prayerful participation creates a symphony of praise to the All Holy Trinity and prayer for the salvation of all people everywhere!

Besides participating in the divine services at Annunciation Church, the choir and chanters support the music programs offered by the Metropolis of Denver and National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. The Choir, in the past and in the future, reaches out with concert presentations to expose other people to the music/prayer of the Orthodox Christian Church. The youth and adults of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church are encouraged to consider their call from God to serve in this music ministry. Please discuss it with Fr. Dino, current choir members or chanters.